Snieglentė Burton Chopper
  • Snieglentė Burton Chopper

Snieglentė Burton Chopper

170,00 EUR

Pirkdami šią prekę galite gauti iki 8 taškų. Jūsų krepšelis bus 8 taškų kurį (-uos) galite konvertuoti į nuolaidų kuponą už 8,00 EUR.

The ultimate tot-friendly deck makes learning to link turns easier than finishing your lima beans.

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The Burton Chopper® is the ticket for boys who want to start snowboarding and quickly learn the basics. What makes it so perfect is the beginner-friendly combo of a convex base with upturned edges and the softest flex possible so that even the lightest weight riders can master turning and stopping. The catch-free feeling continues with a flat profile from nose to tail that’s extra stable for better balance and board control. Attach the Riglet accessory to the nose or tail of the 80-120cm sizes to tow him around and get him comfortable until he's ready to add bindings.

BOARD SIZE8090100110115120125130
Weight Range 25-50 lbs. / 11-23 kg 25-50 lbs. / 11-23 kg 40-55 lbs. / 18-25 kg 40-55 lbs. / 18-25 kg 50-80 lbs. / 23-36 kg 50-80 lbs. / 23-36 kg 70-100 lbs. / 32-45 kg 70-100 lbs. / 32-45 kg
Waist Width 178mm 179mm 188mm 203mm 213mm 222mm 230mm 232mm
Stance Location 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Binding Sizes Grom XS Grom XS Grom XS/S Grom S Grom S Grom S, Smlls 1SZ Grom S, Smlls 1SZ Smlls 1SZ

Tech Details

Flat Top™

Rising rider or seasoned pro, keep your game high and tight with Flat Top. A flat profile between the feet means stability, better balance, and continuous edge control. The tip and tail kick up with an early rise outside the feet for the catch-free, loose feeling you’d expect from rocker.

Twin Shape

Perfectly symmetrical for a balanced ride that’s equally versatile when ridden regular or switch. Jib, spin, stomp, and butter with a greater balance of freestyle mobility and cat-like stability no matter which way you point it.

Twin Flex

The flex is perfectly symmetrical from tip to tail for a balanced ride that’s equally versatile regular or switch.

FSC™ Certified Fly® Core

Our classic tip-to-tail wood core, the 900G model utilizes the best of two wood species to lighten the load by 10% without sacrificing flex, pop, or strength.

Biax™ Fiberglass

  • 1 - TOPSHEET
  • 2 - TOP GLASS 90° & 0° STITCHED
  • 3 - CORE
  • 4 - BOTTOM GLASS 0° & 90° STITCHED
  • 5 - BASE

Features a jib-friendly, torsionally soft flex and forgiving, park-friendly feel.

Extruded Base

Speed and strength in a base that requires little maintenance. Pass your friends without even waxing.

Super Sap® Epoxy

Super Sap® is a resin formulated with bio-based materials that reduces the carbon footprint by 50% over conventional all-petroleum-based epoxies. Less oil consumption means even less of a carbon footprint per board, which is good in our book.

Easy Bevel

  • 1 - NOSE
  • 2 - TAIL

Easy Bevel gives riders an incredibly soft and forgiving board that’s virtually impossible to catch an edge on. With a convex base that lifts the edges off the snow and a super soft flex, these boards make it easy to learn balance and board control.



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