Thermopad handwarmer
  • Thermopad handwarmer

Thermopad handwarmer


Thermopad hand warmers can be placed comfortably inside gloves, pockets or you can just hold them in your hands. They are removed from the packaging and can be used immediately. Natural heat for up to 12 hours.


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Pads are made from a mixture of natural materials: powdered iron, salt, charcoal, water and vermiculite. This mixture is surrounded with a soft breathable membrane. In conjunction with oxygen the mixture heats up. 


  • Maximum temperature: 68°C.
  • Average temperature: 55°C.
  • Heat duration: approx. 12 hrs.
  • Size: 88 × 54mm
  • Not flammable.
  • Nonhazardous / nontoxic.
  • Single use item.
  • Storage life: several years.
  • Amount: pair.
  • Weight: 48 g.

Advantages of Thermopads:

  • easy to store,
  • quick to replace,
  • constant warmth for many hours,
  • no pre-heating necessary,
  • light and comfortable.

The advantages of the active charcoal warmers can clearly be seen when compared with the gel-heat pads already widespread in this country. These are also multi-functional, but have a decidedly shorter warmth span of about one hour. Apart from this, gel-pads bulky than thermopads. Not suitable for kids under 6 year old.


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